January 2017 had the hottest night

Cumulus congestus at 130 km

Showers at 130 kilometres

The daily weather log

In the early morning on the 14th, the minimum temperature was 28.2°, the hottest night in this record from 1999. That beat 27.8° set on November the 28th, 2009. Of January months, only this month and January 2006 had no nights as cool as 15°. There were no cool days either: like January 2002, no days were as cool as 30° (and none since 16/12/16). However, only two days this month went over 40°: the 12th with 41.4° and the 13th with 41.2°. That hardly compares with January 2003, which had five. The weekly average temperature was over 30° (4.7° above normal) from the 11th to the 15th. Late in the month, it got as low as 28°, then climbed again.
Showers and storms brought rain on 8 days, but the maximum was only 19.8 mm.

Weather log January 2017

Comparing January months

As in December, this was the hottest January of the new century. It easily beat January 2013 in mean daily maximum (36.4°), mean average (28.7°), and especially mean daily minimum (hot nights: 21.0°). As this months days and nights were both so warm, the daily temperature range was quite normal (15.4°).
Contradicting the high air temperatures, the subsoil temperature was below normal, at 25.1°.
The month was more humid than usual. Afternoon humidity, at 36%, was the highest January value in twelve years (normally 28%), and early morning dew point was the highest in eleven years.
The monthly rainfall total of 48.5 mm is in the 30th percentile, well below the average of 87 mm. Rainfall totals for more than one month still show no shortages. The 48-month total of 2320 mm (down 280 mm) has the lowest percentile value (23rd percentile) as a legacy of dry months around 2013.

Climate for January


Data. Rainfall figures are usually from the automatic rain gauge at Manilla, published on the internet by the Bureau of Meteorology as Station 55031. However, the gauge ceased recording four months ago (8/10/16), and this month’s readings are from my non-standard gauge. All data, including subsoil at 750 mm, are from 3 Monash Street, Manilla.

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