My House Page

My interest in indoor climate grew from having a solar-passive house built for me in 1998. This page links to information about the house.

Links to pages and blog posts on Indoor Climate are  in the side-bar on the right, in the panel “Indoor Climate Blog and Pages”.

Pages about my house

Solar-Passive House from the NE.

House at Monash St Manilla from NE

An essay review

A brief review of the concept of the house and the features included in it is in “House Profile 1999”.

A courtyard

A courtyard added to the house in 2015 is described in “A heat-control courtyard”.

Photo galleries for my house

Photos of the exterior and interior, and a house plan can be seen in “Award Photos 1999”.

I have used two  photo-galleries to show the history of how the house was built:

* The first, “Building Photos: Start”, shows some preparations, then the early phases of building, up to completing the wall frames.

* The second, “Building Photos: Finishing”, shows later phases of building, from the laying of bricks for internal thermal mass walls to the rendering of the walls with an acrylic texture coating.

A gallery “House Photos 2016” displays photos of various projects, including a courtyard and an automated louvre.

“Indoor Climate” Blog Posts

Climate indoors compared to climate outdoors

Indoor/outdoor maximum and minimum scatter-plots

Indoor versus Outdoor Temperatures (1096 days)

Indoor versus Outdoor Minima (1096 days)

Indoor versus Outdoor Maxima (1096 days)

Indoor/Outdoor Regressions for Maxima and Minima

Indoor versus outdoor temperatures through the year

One year of House Performance: I

One year of House Performance: II

Cold season house performance

July Warmth in an Unheated House

House June warmth profiles: I   averages

House June warmth profiles: II west wing

House June warmth profiles: III east wing

House June warmth profiles: IV clear-story model

Hot season house performance

January “Coolth” in a House without Air-Conditioning

House response to abnormal weather

Hard Winter for Solar-passive

House in a cold October

Temperature range at points inside and outside the house

House Thermal Mass Works in Summer Too

Comparing different houses

Geoff’s solar-passive house at Manilla

Managing my solar-passive house

I. Features needing no attention

II. Features needing attention

Porch is a breezeway or a sun-trap

New House Features from 2015

 Louvre window for summer nights

Ventilation louvre hassles

My Heat-control Courtyard

Mirrors to reflect the sun

Courtyard wicket gates

About the  House

Solar-passive house testimonials

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