My House Page

My interest in indoor climate grew from having a solar-passive house built for me in 1998. This page links to information about the house.

Links to pages and blog posts on Indoor Climate are  in the side-bar on the right, in the panel “Indoor Climate Blog and Pages”.

Pages about my house

Solar-Passive House from the NE.

House at Monash St Manilla from NE

An essay review

A brief review of the concept of the house and the features included in it is in “House Profile 1999”.

A courtyard

A courtyard added to the house in 2015 is described in “A heat-control courtyard”.

Photo galleries for my house

Photos of the exterior and interior, and a house plan can be seen in “Award Photos 1999”.

I have used two  photo-galleries to show the history of how the house was built:

* The first, “Building Photos: Start”, shows some preparations, then the early phases of building, up to completing the wall frames.

* The second, “Building Photos: Finishing”, shows later phases of building, from the laying of bricks for internal thermal mass walls to the rendering of the walls with an acrylic texture coating.

A gallery “House Photos 2016” displays photos of various projects, including a courtyard and an automated louvre.

“Indoor Climate” Blog Posts

Climate indoors compared to climate outdoors

Indoor/outdoor maximum and minimum scatter-plots

Indoor versus Outdoor Temperatures (1096 days)

Indoor versus Outdoor Minima (1096 days)

Indoor versus Outdoor Maxima (1096 days)

Indoor/Outdoor Regressions for Maxima and Minima

Indoor versus outdoor temperatures through the year

One year of House Performance: I

One year of House Performance: II

Cold season house performance

July Warmth in an Unheated House

House June warmth profiles: I   averages

House June warmth profiles: II west wing

House June warmth profiles: III east wing

House June warmth profiles: IV clear-story model

Hot season house performance

January “Coolth” in a House without Air-Conditioning

House response to abnormal weather

Hard Winter for Solar-passive

House in a cold October

Temperature range at points inside and outside the house

House Thermal Mass Works in Summer Too

Comparing different houses

Geoff’s solar-passive house at Manilla

Managing my solar-passive house

I. Features needing no attention

II. Features needing attention

Porch is a breezeway or a sun-trap

New House Features from 2015

 Louvre window for summer nights

Ventilation louvre hassles

My Heat-control Courtyard

Mirrors to reflect the sun

Courtyard wicket gates

My better sun mirrors

About the  House

Solar-passive house testimonials

“Renew” forum thread “Low-energy houses”

There is a very informative forum thread called “Low-energy houses”. It is in the section “Sustainable Building” of “Alternative Technology Association Forums”. I was a main contributor to this thread, which had some 300 posts on it.
The Initial Post of 11/04/2008 was in my own name (Garry Speight). Later, from 11/06/2010, I posted as “Catopsilia”, until the forum was closed in October 2017.
Recently, the Alternative Technology Association, re-named “Renew”, has enabled access to the archive of their forums here:

Most of my posts to the “Low-energy houses” forum were about my own experience with my high-mass solar-passive house, hoping to benefit from discussion.
I also made a point of cross-referencing other relevant threads in the forum by using links. Links to other threads in the original forum are now broken, of course, but the posts can be found in the archive by their topic names. I listed the most relevant threads in a post on “Low-energy houses” dated 15 August 2016.
All the links to my graphics dated earlier than April 2014 are lost, due to the “Photobucket” website withdrawing support. Later graphics links are to my own website.


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