3-year trends to February 2020

February suddenly cool and wet

3-year climate trends to Feb 2020

February raw anomaly data (orange)


Daily maximum temperature anomaly (all x-axes) suddenly fell by 5° to -2°.
Daily minimum temperature anomaly (lower left): fell from extremely high to normal.
Subsoil temperature anomaly (lower right): still near normal.

Moistures (moist is at the bottom)

Rainfall anomaly (upper left) suddenly rose by 130 mm/month to plus 100 mm/month.
Cloudiness anomaly (upper right): rose from normal to +32%.
Dew point anomaly (middle left): remained rather high (humid).
Daily temperature range anomaly (middle right) reached -3°.

 Fully smoothed data values (red) 

Smoothed anomaly values now include the winter season (JJA) of 2019. From the rather static values of the autumn, nearly all smoothed values for winter moved steadily in the direction towards drought that seems to have prevailed through spring.
There were two exceptions. Daily minimum temperature anomaly steadily fell. Subsoil temperature anomaly fell from a peak value in June.

The August 2019 daily maximum temperature anomaly of +1.83° just exceeded the previous record value.


January data points are marked by squares.

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