Rainfall Shortage History: Manilla

Complete record of droughts, Manilla NSW

Manilla had great droughts in 1902, 1912, 1940, 1946, 1965, and 2018.

A new graph

This new graph records all historic periods of severe and extreme rainfall shortage at Manilla NSW. Data show 25 values of duration from 2 months to 360 months. Unlike the graphs of rainfall shortage in earlier posts, this graph shows the months of onset, persistence, and breaking of each occurrence. [See the Note below: “An innovative graph”.]
Extreme shortages (up to the 1st percentile) are shown in red and severe shortages (up to the 5th percentile) are shown in grey.
The dashed lines labelled “First Good Data” and “Last Good Data” are limitations that apply to all cumulative rainfall deficiency data. [See the note below: “First Good Data; Last Good Data”.]

A more detailed graph for the years 2000 to 2019 is shown in another post.

More recent graphs are in “Rain Shortage Jan 2000 – May 2019” and “21stC Rain Shortage Oct ’19”

“Rainfall Shortages” or “Droughts”?

Although droughts involve other factors, rainfall shortage is decisive. Some other factors, such as daily maximum temperature anomaly, vary in the same sense, Australia-wide.
Recognised times of drought at Manilla appear on this graph as extended periods of severe or extreme rainfall shortage .
To simplify, I have separated the graph into three parts according to the duration of the shortages: seasonal droughts, great droughts, and decadal droughts.

Complete record of seasonal droughts

Seasonal droughts.

Droughts with extreme shortages of rainfall that lasted up to nine months happened often. Counting those with more than one red marker, there were 16 seasonal droughts in 136 years: about one in each nine years. Gaps as short as four years happened around 1920, while the longest gap of 16 years came between 2002 and 2018.
The most common season of extreme rainfall shortage was winter, with 8 cases. Autumn had 5 cases and spring 3 cases, while summer had none.
Some of these seasonal droughts became Great Droughts.

Complete record of the great droughts

The Six Great Droughts: 1-year to 9-year duration.

According to this graph, Manilla has suffered six great droughts, attested by extreme shortages of rainfall at more than 2 of the 13 chosen duration values from 12 months to 108 months. They were:

(1.) 1902 (the Federation Drought);
(2.) 1912;
(3.) 1940 (first part of the World War II Drought);
(4.) 1946 (second part of the World War II Drought);
(5.) 1965;
(6.) 2018.

[The absence of the Millennium Drought is discussed in the Note below.]

BoM continental rainfall maps

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