“Novel graphs for rainfall shortages”

I display my drought poster

Garry’s drought poster

Drought poster for conference

Grasslands Conference Poster Display

A conference paper about drought graphs

This blog “Climate by Surly” has analyses of the current drought at Manilla, mainly in the form of graphs. I was invited to present these findings as a “Poster Paper” at a conference of the Grassland Society of NSW at Gunnedah in July 2019. The poster itself is shown in the photo and the reduced image above.

The paper

The paper is published in two parts: the colour poster shown above, and four pages of text and figures. Both have the title “Novel graphs show extreme rainfall shortages”.
The point of my paper was that these novel graphs bring out features of the current drought at Manilla in a way that could be applied at other times and places.
Because the paper is brief, I have referred the reader to further information in posts in this blog. The construction of each of the three kinds of graph is fully explained in the posts that I linked:

The complete reference to the paper is:
Speight JG (2019) Novel graphs show extreme rainfall shortages. In
‘Proceedings of the 31st Conference of the Grassland Society of NSW Inc.’ (Eds SR Murphy, SP Boschma, and M Simpson). pp. 36-39. (Grassland Society of NSW Inc., Orange).

The text can be accessed here as a pdf:

Click to access 6-2019-grassland-conf-proc-speight-pp35-39-web-ver.pdf

The paper will become accessible on the website of the Grassland Society of NSW.

The Poster on display

Thanks to the generosity and interest of the proprieters, the original of the poster can be seen at Molly May’s Coffee Shop in the main street of Manilla.

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