2018 the second driest year

The calendar year 2018 was the second driest in 136 years at Manilla NSW

Log of Manilla annual rainfall

With a rainfall total of 327 mm (estimated), 2018 was the second driest calendar year in Manilla’s record from 1883. The driest was 1946, which had 321 mm. On the graph, the six driest years are marked, as well as the six wettest.
The official record of rainfall at Manilla Post Office, Station 55031, was continuous from March 1883 to 26 March 2015. It failed for lack of a volunteer observer. Since then the official record has been fragmentary. It relies on an automatic rain gauge, Manilla (Museum) Station 55312, which was faulty before it was re-sited, and has failed repeatedly since. Most of the rainfall readings used for this graph since March 2015 are from my non-standard rain-gauge on a non-standard site in Monash Street. They generally matched readings from the Manilla (Museum) automatic rain gauge when it was serviceable, but they have no official standing. A neighbour’s readings are similar but 10% higher. Those readings totalled 363.5 mm for the year 2018, which would make it not the second driest year, but the third driest year, after 1994 (351 mm).

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