Driest Air in August 2018

Tree with a face painted on it.

Painted Box Tree

Temperatures were not far from normal during the month, except that the weekly mean was 3.2° low about the 20th. There were 20 frosts (normally 15), but the coldest morning fell only to -2.7°.
Some rain fell early in the month. Later, with the cold nights, the air became extremely dry, reaching a new record early morning dew point of -12.1°. Abruptly, the 25th brought overcast and high humidity, then rain and fog. Estimated rain was 9.0 mm on the 26th, 10.2 mm on the 27th, and 0.8 mm on the 28th.

Weather log August 2018.

Comparing August months

The month was rather cool, with a mean (10.7°) that was 0.4° below normal, and cold nights (2.0°), 1.1° below normal. Measures of moisture were only slightly low, except that humidity was extremely low, setting a new record mean early morning dew point of -4.2°.
Moderate falls of rain totalled 28.2 mm (estimated), which is at the 40th percentile for August.
I have reported the shortage of rainfall separately ( “Drought Sixth Month: August 2018”) .

Climate in August months.

Data. A Bureau of Meteorology automatic rain gauge operates in the museum yard. From 17 March 2017, 9 am daily readings are published as Manilla Museum, Station 55312.  These reports use that rainfall data when it is available.  The record was again defective in August 2018. Seven daily readings were missing. On one of the missing days (the 27th) my rain gauge showed 10.2 mm, the highest daily reading for the month. I have substituted my non-standard gauge readings for all days of both July and August.

All other data, including subsoil at 750 mm, are from 3 Monash Street, Manilla.

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