August 2015 normal weather

Vine blossom photo

Wonga-Wonga Vine

Up to the 24th of August, there had been no rainfall readings above 6 mm for 67 days, and none at all for 29 days. Then storms brought 34 mm one day and 4 mm the next. A little more fell on the 28th. Overcast skies came with the rain, and one morning had fog until after 9 am.
Two days were unusually cool: the 5th was 6° below normal and the 27th was 7° below normal. By contrast, the minimum temperature on the warm rainy morning of the 24th (13.5°) was 9.4° above normal. There were 15 frosts (normal), but the coldest morning, the 5th, reached only minus 2.1°.
The weekly average temperature was a little low in the sunny first half of the month. It was high just before and during the rain, then low again.

Weather log for August 2015

 Comparing August months

This month was close to normal, and very like August last year.
Days were a bit cool. That made the daily temperature range rather low, in line with rather cloudy skies.
The rainfall of 40.1 mm was on average, and in the 57th percentile. As happened last month, only one rainfall total was as low as the 9th percentile. That serious shortage had now moved back to the 30-month total (1255 mm). Water is flowing in Greenhatch Creek.

Climate for August 2015

Data. All data, including subsoil at 750 mm, are from 3 Monash Street, Manilla. Rainfall data up to 26/3/15 is from Manilla Post Office, Station 055031.

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