Spring 2009 warm and dry

Weather log spring 2009

This spring was warm and dry, partly due to the extreme heat wave in the final two weeks. In that period, records were broken for the highest temperature in any month: highest daily maximum (42.6°), highest daily maximum temperature anomaly (+13.5°), highest daily minimum (27.8°), and highest weekly average (31.3°).

Compared to decade averages, the mean maximum (28.4°) was up 2.1° and the mean minimum (11.7°) up 1.3°. For dryness, the morning Dew Point (6.0°) was down 1.5°, and cloudiness (29%) down 1%. Although this spring was very warm and dry, spring 2002 had been much warmer and drier. Values then were: max 29.2°, min 12.1°, Dew Point 5.4° and cloudiness 19%.
In spring 2002 there had been only 66 mm of rain: the fifth lowest on record. Rainfall this spring was 121 mm. Similar spring totals were seen in 2007 (122 mm), 2006 (139 mm), and 2003 (125 mm). These values are on the 30th percentile (which is not very low), but seem low compared to recent extremely wet springs in 2008 (295 mm), 2005 (260 mm) and 1999 (262 mm). The long-term spring median is 156 mm.

Climate spring 2009

Data. Rainfall data is from Manilla Post Office, courtesy of Phil Pinch. Temperatures, including subsoil at 750 mm, and other data are from 3 Monash Street, Manilla.

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