February 2009: swelter and shiver

The daily weather log

Weather log February 2009

February days began hot (37.8°), and got hotter. The 9th reached 40.9°: that was 7.5° above normal, and the hottest day of the summer. At 20°, nights were unpleasantly warm, but it is normal for the first week of February to have the hottest nights of the year (18.4°).
The daily maximum on the 14th was an amazingly cool 17.8°, that is, 23.1° lower than five days before! The reading was 15.2° below normal. On that day, half of NSW, excluding only the borders on the east, south and west, had daily maximum temperatures more than 12° below normal.
A wet spell from the 11th to the 17th brought most of the month’s rain.At Manilla the highest reading was 51.2 mm on the 15th.
The month ended dry, with temperatures normal, except that nights became cool.

 Comparing February months

Climate February 2009

This month’s climate was normal, if rather wet. Other Februaries on the graph vary in every way:

February 2005 was sunny, dry, and not humid;
February 2006 was hot and humid;
February 2007 was very rainy;
February 2008 was very cloudy and very cold.
The rainfall total (94.5 mm) was in the 75th percentile for the month; well above the February average of 67 mm. This neatly makes up the January shortfall. Rainfall totals for groups of months remain very high. The 6 month total (525 mm) is in the 92nd percentile, and more than 200 mm above the median value. Totals are still above the median for all periods up to 72 months, with the exception of the 36-month total, and that has now risen to the 46th percentile.

Data. Rainfall data is from Manilla Post Office, courtesy of Phil Pinch. Dew point values before August 2005 are from Tamworth Airport 6 am data supplied by the Bureau of Meteorology. Temperature and other data are from 3 Monash Street, Manilla.


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